Saturday, November 8, 2008

You've Been "THANKSED"

"Thanksed" Rules:

1. Give this to at least three or more other blog friends.
2. On your blog, tell who you "thanksed" and why you are thankful for them as a
friend or family.
3. Leave a comment on the people you "thanksed" so they know to visit your blog and
find out more.
4. Copy the rules onto your blog.
5. Copy and paste the "Happy Thanksgiving" photo in my sidebar on to your sidebar.

I would like to "THANKSED" the following people:
My Momma. I am thankful for her because...she's the best mom I could have gotten!

My friend Mckenna. I am thankful for her because...she has THE BEST Halloween parties!

My friend Alana. I am thankful for her because...she's so generous!

My Aunt Sherry. I am thankful for her because...she makes the best handmade girfts for us and others!

My cousin Lexie. I am thankful for her because...she came and visted us this year! It was so fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy ThanksGiving!

As you can see, my background is all Thanksgving like....and well....I'm going to change it every Holiday, so it will be FUN! Here's the link to the site were I got my backgrounds:

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm going to send a Thanksgiving picture to a few lucky people!!! It's called being "Thanksed" So, when I send you the picture put it on your blog so everyone knows you've been Thanksed!!!! I'll send them out randomly to people I know until Thanksgiving, so get ready!

Thanks for reading!!!!!
Sophia :)