Monday, August 11, 2008

My Cousins Wedding

This is me in my flower girl dress with all the other girls that were in the wedding. The bride is my cousin Ashley and the groom is my cousin, Joe. He is my cousin on my mom's side. It was really fun being in the wedding.

Starting from the back left is Ashley's best friend one of the bridesmaids, Kelly who was the maid of honor, Ashley who was the bride,Bridget my cousin and Joe's sister, and Monica my other cousin and Joe's older sister. Then in the front is me and Joe's cousin/goddaugther Alannha.


joe said...

i love the post. the only thing I would mention is that Ashley is your cousin now, and was only your friend before. but that's alright. thanks for putting up the beautiful picture.

Sherry said...

You look so pretty Sophia! I love your hair curled like that!

Aunt Sherry

Emily said...

hoorah for the beautiful flower girls!!! You looked so lovely :) Have you seen the new pics yet - they are really great!

Steve said...

You did a great job in the wedding! I believe you were the prettiest girl there!!

...or at least equal to Cathy!!