Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is me in braids. My aunt and mom put my hair it braids. It was fun but took a long time.

This is me and my cousins after I took my hair out of braids.


Sherry said...

Did you have fun with the boys? I hope so! I used to love to braid my hair and then it would be so wavy afterwards. Your hair looked cute in braids!!

Aunt Sherry

Spottedheart said...

Yeah, I had fun with them. We went swimming and played and other stuff like that. I like it in braids too.

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!!! I love the hair! Oh, and I love you too. Momma

Arwen said...

Love the braids Sophia!!! Your blog is very hip (in the hippy/hippie sense and in the cool sense). :)
~Arwen the former flower child

Anonymous said...

I read in Deepak Chopra's book that the highest responsibility is fulfilled not by doing a hugh amount of work but by doing the work of spiit in an attitude of joy and creativity. This reminded me of you Sophia. I love your positive attitude. You view the world through beautiful golden glasses. What a gift. Thanks for sharing that with me, as it has inspired me and thanks for all you did with the boys when we were there. They had a blast. I love you Sophia. --Aunt Stacey

Emily said...

I love the braids...Aunt Stacey and your mom did a great job! You look so pretty :) Maybe you can put braids in my hair next time I see you :) Love you!!! Emily